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  1. Hi to community members! In the phase 2 period, we set up an emulation environment in CORE, then we tested PRINCE with iperf client/server ( in CORE. We built a simple three nodes topology (n1, n2, n3) where n1 is directly connected (in the wireless coverage) to n2 and n2 is directly connected to n3. n1 […]

    Der Beitrag A module for OLSRv2 to throughput estimation of 2-hop wireless links erschien zuerst auf Freifunkblog.

  2. What we have so far Last month I introduced my test setup intended for fast kernel trials and network development. After that updated my shadowsocks-libev fork for the latest 3.2.0 version which is the latest upstream stable version. This fork dont do any encryption which is not so secure but faster – and in our new approach: […]

    Der Beitrag GSoC 2018 – Kernel-space SOCKS proxy for Linux – July progress erschien zuerst auf Freifunkblog.

  3. Hello in this past month I was working on the validation of the configuration in both the front-end and backend. Basically it is to confirm that the minimum parameters to generate the basic configuration are selected and are of the corresponding type. The double validation is because the ubus module can be used in the […]

    Der Beitrag GSoC 2018 – Ground Routing in LimeApp – 2nd update erschien zuerst auf Freifunkblog.

  4. Hello everyone, I am very happy to say that since my last update I was able to implement most of the features that I have talked about and was able to test them with real data. In the last update I talked about how I started my own local leaflet map with which I wanted […]

    Der Beitrag GSoC 2018 – Better map for nodewatcher (2nd update) erschien zuerst auf Freifunkblog.